Crazy good solutions for marketers

Improve the efficiency and the revenue of your marketing and communication strategy with our modular Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solutions. Brandifyer is the platform where these different solutions can be integrated:


Place all your digital assets in one central content hub. Brandifyer manages, organizes and enriches your content. Gather all your images and videos in the asset gallery. Use smart filters to quickly find assets based on tags, characteristics and categories.

Digital Asset Management
Product Information Management


Centralize all your product data by connecting your database or your favorite ERP-system such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics to Brandifyer. Manage production information in multiple languages and associate them with related products and categories. All changes are automatically updated in all your publications, from online to print.

Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

Turbo-boost your productivity with our marketing resource solution in Brandifyer. Manage all your publications through one portal with complete control over your valuable marketing assets with the Workflow Management integration.

Marketing Resource Management
Adobe InDesign Server

InDesign Server

Automate important publications with the Adobe InDesign integration. All documents are updated when you make changes to your InDesign templates. With our exclusive Adobe Partnership we make sure you always work with the latest and greatest Adobe technology.


Easily create collateral material such as brochures and business cards. Preset InDesign templates and only publish when you need to with the integrated Web2Print module in Brandifyer. Documents and publications are always automatically formatted. All templates are updated real time with the InDesign Server integration.


Publishing on Demand
Brand Portal

Brand Portal

Protect and manage your brand in Brandifyer. Preset corporate identity guidelines and ensure all your documents and content are according to your brand identity. Assign different roles to your team and approve publications in the workflow management module.