Providing full security is one of our top priorities, so we make sure nobody has access to your data. We chose one of the world’s largest hosting brands¬†LeaseWeb¬†to host all our services. This means our website and the Brandifyer environment are among others protected with an SSL-certificate. Leaseweb has a wide variety of certificates that guarantee the safety of your data, which are the following:

ISO 27001: The international safety standard for guarding your data.

PCI DSS: The PCI certificate ensures all payments are dealt with securely. Comsec consulting oversees the transactions, ensuring nobody at Leaseweb is able to access payment information.

SOC I: Control processes are documented to quickly evaluate risks and in case of errors, data can be quickly retrieved and recovered.

NEN 7510: The NEN 7510-standard ensures that medical data is securely stored and prevents unauthorized access. This certificate provides an extra security layer for health care institutes.

HIPAA: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is American legislation that guarantees secure processing and storage of medical data.