What does Sabern use your personal details for?

* When you fill out a form with a question for feedback, we will use your personal details to respond to your comments or questions.
* When you ask for product information, we use your personal details to respond to your question and for our statistics.
* Your personal details will also be used to evaluate and improve the service that Sabern offers via the Website.

Which details does Sabern use?

When you fill out a form on our website, Sabern uses the details they need to contact you, such as your name, address, country, telephone number, email and the content of your question.

When you use a link on this website to another website (such as or and you enter personal details on such a website, the processing of those details is not subject to this confidentiality declaration, but to the potential confidentiality declaration or notification of that website.

Who has access to your personal details?

Only Sabern has access to the personal details that have been collected through the website. The webmaster of the website transfers requests for feedback and information to the designated person of Sabern.

Does Sabern forward your personal details to third parties?

Besides the aforementioned cases, your personal details will not be provided, revealed or forwarded to any other than Sabern. The website can contain links to other websites and email addresses outside of Sabern. The confidentiality declaration is not applicable to these websites and email addresses.

Does Sabern use your personal details for Direct Marketing?

Sabern does not use your personal details to send you unrequested commercial offers or promotional material. Sabern is also committed to not selling or trading your details.

Does Sabern use cookies on the website?

The website uses cookies. These cookies have the purpose to identify you and to improve the service you receive. Cookies enable Sabern to assess and analyse the content of the website. You are not able to refuse these cookies. If you do, it is possible that the website or parts thereof will not function properly.

Where are your details stored?

Sabern saves the details to servers, located in Leiderdorp, in The Netherlands. These servers are the property of and are maintained by Sabern and comply with the laws in effect with regards to the protection of privacy.

Are your personal details safe with Sabern?

Sabern has taken the necessary technical and organisational measures to effectively protect your details against unauthorised access and use.

What are your rights with regards to the details?

You are not obligated to provide Sabern with the requested details, but if you do not agree to the use of your details, Sabern will not be able to respond to your request. You have the right to request that Sabern notifies you whether they have processed your personal details and which specific details this concerns. You may also request that Sabern corrects, adds to, blocks or deletes the details in full or in part, when these have been processed incorrectly, incompletely or irrelevantly. You can make a complaint against the processing of your details or against the objectives for which they have been used. Sabern commits themselves to provide a timely response to such requests. At any given time you are able to subtract your agreement to process your personal details. Should this be what you wish to do and thus should you no longer wish that Sabern uses your personal details, an email will suffice.

Who can you contact?

Requests can be submitted to:

Sabern processes all details in accordance with the European laws in effect with regards to the protection of privacy. To be able to be responsive to these, Sabern could regularly adjust this confidentiality declaration.

By accepting this confidentiality agreement, you agree that Sabern uses your personal details in accordance with the regulations described above.