How Consistency Contributes to Recognizability

Have you heard about our Brand Identity Checker? This tool scans your website for consistency in color and font usage and scores your website a maximum of 100 points.

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A score of 95 points or higher is a good score. Still, this means that your website contains pages that require attention. Maybe the colors and fonts differ from the usual brand colors and fonts?


Why is consistency important and what can you do to make your brand (more) recognizable?

It is impossible to build a strong brand in a day.

What differentiates strong brands from others? All great names have one thing in common: they are recognizable and consistent.

Which product you buy is more an emotional decision rather than a practical one. Consumers are more eager to buy from companies that they know and recognize. Consistency is, therefore, one of the keys of building a strong brand.


How do you attain recognizability?

1.    Provide a positive and ‘predictable’ experience

Predictable may sound boring, but it does achieve the desired results and it leads to a connection to the brand. This is shown by the business case of BMW on Dutch marketing website Frankwatching. Of which of the advertisements below do you expect the message ‘Now temporarily automatic transmission on every BMW’ to pay off?

Will creativity win from predictability? If it is up to the readers of Frankwatching, it will. 75% percent of the respondents prefer advertisement A.

However, advertisement A generates only 80% of the attention to the proposition below, against the 89% in advertisement B. Advertisement B does accomplish the desired result, because the image of the car increases the brand connection.

Don’t read consistency and predictability as boring. Provide a consistent brand image and a consistent appearance in order to build trust.


2.    Offer the same experience through all channels

By giving the same experience through all channels, you enhance positive associations with your product. This implies to a Social Media-post as well as the package of your product.

Consumers are more inclined to choose your product in the future.

Makro Case

3.    Secure the brand rules (online)

Each company has their own brand style guide. This guide is conducted and chosen with care and emits a message. Always communicate according to the brand guidelines. Though that may sound very obvious, the implementation isn’t always that consistent.

Therefore, it is important to secure the brand guidelines and to provide access to these. Major brands conduct an online brand book to increase accessibility.

In order make sure your brand guide rules are followed through, offer dynamic templates for colleagues and partners to work with whenever they need to create communication material such as a presentation or an advertisement.

See 5 examples of brand books


Is your website on brand? Check your website

Consistent communication and building a recognizable brand: it all starts with the website, one of the most important representations of your company. Check if your website is on brand with the Brand Identity Checker.

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