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After opening your template, a tagging screen will appear. It shows all the fields that can be changed in Brandifyer. When opening a new document, you have to add fields. You can do this with the “Add” button. A pop-up appears in which you can type the name for the field. Click on ‘OK’ and the field will be added to the Template Builder.

When selecting a field in the Template Builder, and selecting a text, image-, or textframe in the document, it is possible to click the ‘link’ button. By doing this, the text or image become dynamic, editable, in Brandifyer. The linked text is then shown with a coloured line. When clicking a linked text or imageframe in the document, the field that it is linked to becomes highlighted in the Template Builder. Also, the link button is highlighted. By pressing the ‘link’ button again, the field is unlinked.

When a linked text or textframe is selected, the corresponding field highlights and shows fit-text-to-frame button. This button makes sure that, when clicked, the text will shrink to fit the frame instead of overflowing.

When a linked image frame is selected, the corresponding field highlights and shows an fit-image-to-frame button. When you click this button, a pop-up appears in which you can change settings for fitting the image to the imageframe.

To delete a field from the Template Builder, select the field you want to delete and click the ‘delete’ button. This does not delete the text, textframe, or imageframe in the document.

It is very important that templates are using the correct styles, especially for texts. Check the InDesign file Requirements about Style Usage.

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