How can I maintain an inventory?

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In Brandifyer it’s possible to maintain an inventory. To do so go to ‘Pages and Publications’ and select the template you wish to include in the inventory settings. Near the bottom of the page should be a box ‘Stock list’, to include this template in the inventory simply tick the box.
The other 2 boxes should receive data as well. ‘Current stock’ should be updated accordingly to the current inventory. If a user orders 1 of this template the current stock will go down by 1 as well. If the stock is lower than the ‘Minimum stock’ an e-mail will be sent to the Brandifyer administrator to notify them. Brand Portal Brandifyer inventory
It is possible that a customer orders more items than available in stock, in this case the stock will go into negative numbers. If the inventory has 20 items in stock and a user orders 30 of those, the total inventory will be -10.

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