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After installing the Template Builder to InDesign, you can find the add-on in the topmenu under Window>Extensions. Select the Template Builder and a new window with a login screen pops up. Enter the Brandifyer URL of your company’s portal, your username and password and click the login button. When it is the first time you log in, it is necessary to set up a folder in which the templates are saved. You can find this in the ‘Settings’ screen in the Template Builder, shown with the gear-icon in the top.

In the Setting screen, you find the information you entered when logging in (URL, username and password). Next, choose the ‘Working Directory’, for example a folder on your C-drive of your computer. The editing of templates is done locally before the templated is uploaded to the Brandifyer server, therefore a folder for saving templates is needed. With the ‘Browse’ button you can select the folder. (You don’t necessarily have to save your templates in this folder, you can save them in any folder you want. The template builder automatically creates an package, including indd, links and fonts, and saves this in the working directory for uploading.)

You can also choose the language of the template builder. The language settings have no effect on the templates or other template- or Brandifyer related settings.

Click on ‘Save’ and you are ready to start using the Template Builder.

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