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To view your templates, click on the ‘Folder’ icon in the top. The templates are downloaded from Brandifyer. The loading can take a few seconds depending on the number of templates. When all templates are retrieved, the folders are opened automatically showing all available  templates.

Open or create a document through the ‘file’ menu in InDesign, or when you already have templates in Brandifyer, double-click on an existing template in the Template Builder to open it in InDesign.

When you create a new document, you have to save the document before you can upload it to Brandifyer.

In the template builder, you can go to the template overview screen with the ‘Folder’ icon in the top. From this menu, you can upload, edit, refresh, or delete your templates.

With the upload button you upload the edited (or newly made) template. You can save the template as .indd if you have not done so before.

With the edit template button the document is opened if a template is selected. This can also be done by double-clicking on a template. The Template Builder will show the Tagging screen automatically. Or you can press the ‘tagging’ button in the top .

With the refresh button the template is refreshed. If there is an edited version in Brandifyer, the latest version will be downloaded. Very useful if you work with multiple people on templates, to make sure that no work is lost.

With the delete button you can delete templates from brandifyer. A pop-up, in which you have to confirm you want to delete the selected template, prevents deleting templates by accident.

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