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When preparing an Adobe InDesign template it is possible to ensure that users can’t do certain things with their template. With these tricks you can prepare even better.

Hide styles in Rich Text fields: When you include ‘hide_’ in your style name these styles will not be visible for users.
Block layout changes in the Online Editor: By including the word ‘lock’ in the style name this style will no longer be possible to edit by users in the Online Editor of Brandifyer.
Frame or Content not editable in the Online Editor:  By default you have the ability to lock layers in Adobe InDesign. Locked layers cannot be edited in the Online Editor of Brandifyer. If you want to lock the frame but have the content editable use the code [frame] in the layer of the frame.
The other way round is also possible, lock the content but not the frame. In that case use the code [content] in the layer of the frame.

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