How does the customer and user hierarchy of Brandifyer work?

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The hierarchy of Brandifyer is like a tree. The trunk of the hierarchy (or tree) is #1. That name is the name of the company or organization, in this case ‘Sabern’. The company of Sabern has different offices in this example which have their own users with their own login. Those offices have received #2 and are the customers ‘Den Haag’, ‘Rotterdam’ and ‘Amsterdam’. Den Haag also has created different customers for ‘Marketing’ and ‘Helpdesk’, which have received #3.

A user of ‘Sabern’ (#1) would be able to see all files of #1 (their own files), #2 and #3. A user of ‘Den Haag’ (#2) would be able to see their own files and the files of #3, however a user of ‘Amsterdam’ or ‘Rotterdam’ would only see their own files. A user of ‘Marketing’ will only be able to view their own files (#3). Only with special user rights it’s possible to for a user of ‘Marketing’ (#3) to view all files of ‘Sabern’ (#1).Brand Portal Brandifyer hierachy

Each company or customer can have its own set of users, and each user can have specific rights and specific access to parts of Brandifyer. Within those users a rough distinction can be made between ‘administrators’ and ‘normal users’. Administrators have the possibility to for example change the look of Brandifyer, create templates and change user access. They will also have full access to all possible content.
A user only uses the documents and files that have been made available for that user. That user can’t create a new template for example, he can only use existing templates. User may or may not have full access to Brandifyer. This can be specified by one of the administrators.

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