How do I use the image editor?

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The image editor can be used to tweak images in a template which don’t look great yet. In this example I would like to upload a different image. Click on ‘Image Editor’ to start.
Brand Portal Brandifyer image editor

Select the image you wish to edit and click on ‘Choose images’ or ‘Upload images’. ‘Choose images’ will take you to the Asset Gallery where you can select an image. ‘Upload image’ gives you the ability to upload a image from your computer.Brand Portal Brandifyer image editor

In this case I have selected ‘Choose images’ and I have selected an image. That image will be shown underneath the right hand menu. Once you have selected all the images click on ‘Back to publication’.Brand Portal Brandifyer image editor

Click on the image you have just selected/uploaded and drag this image to the existing image. Once you release the mouse button the image will be replaced.Brand Portal Brandifyer image editor

Your image will be placed in the field and you can edit the size, ratio and angle. Once you are satistied with the changes click on ‘File’ and finish off with ‘Save & create PDF’.Brand Portal Brandifyer image editor

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