How do I use a Brandifyer template?

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Click on ‘Templates’ on the top row buttons and you will see all the sub menus or folders that have been created. Select the correct sub menu by clicking on ‘Open folder’.
Brand Portal Brandifyer template

Select the template you wish to create by clicking on ‘Select template’.
Brand Portal Brandifyer template

Now it is possible to enter data in the field. By pressing ‘Refresh Preview’ the preview on the right will be updated. After the template to your satisfaction click on ‘Create publication’. Don’t worry if pictures don’t look perfect yet, you can edit those later on if you have selected ‘image editor’ in the publication settings.
Brand Portal Brandifyer template

Once you have created a publication it’s possible to edit the file by clicking on one of the options in the purple box. In this case there are several errors within the Indesign template, Brandifyer will notify you when this is happening. When this happens edit the template otherwise the result might not look like you desire.
Once you are happy with your publication click on any output file in the red box to download that file. Brand Portal Brandifyer template

This article also has a Youtube video to show how this action can be done.

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