How do I place an order?

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Click on ‘Archive’ to see al created publications. Select the publication you wish to order and click on ‘Order’. You will get a pop-up in your screen that tell you your order has been ‘Added to cart’. After this step the ‘Shopping Cart’ icon will receive a little number next to it.
Brand Portal Brandifyer place order

Click on the ‘Shopping cart’ icon and you will see an overview of your shopping cart. In the purple box it’s possible change the amount of items you order. Once you have entered the correct amount of items click on ‘Order’ to order your items.
Brand Portal Brandifyer place order

In the purple box enter your data, otherwise you will be unable to order. Click on ‘Check data’ for a final check.
Brand Portal Brandifyer place order

Check if the data you have entered is correct. If that’s not the case click on ‘Enter data’ to return to the previous screen. If your data is correct click on ‘Submit order’. Your order has now been finalized and will be processed.Brand Portal Brandifyer place order

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