How do I change user rights?

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If you wish to change the right of a user it can be done by clicking on ‘Maintenance’. Afterwards make sure that ‘Groups’ and ‘Roles’ are folded downwards. In the section of ‘Roles’ select the role you wish to edit.Brand Portal Brandifyer user rights

In this area you can start changing the rights of each user or group. By clicking on a category (for example ‘Template Builder’) it activates the entire category and will give the user full access. By clicking on the dropdown button next to the category (highlighted in a red box) you can select what items to give access to or not. Once a menu has been fully selected (‘Menus’ in this case) it turns a solid green. If there is access but not total access the category will be a striped green (‘Profile’ in this case’).Brand Portal Brandifyer user

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