How can I make an InDesign template dynamic?

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To get a working Brandifyer template it is vital that Brandifyer understands what places it can and what places it can’t edit. To do so a template has to be made dynamic. To get a dynamic template click on ‘Maintenance’ on the top row buttons and afterwards on ‘Template Builder’ in the left-hand menu.
Brand Portal Brandifyer InDesign template

Select the template you wish to work with and double click on that file.
Brand Portal Brandifyer InDesign template

On the right, there is a menu which consists of ‘Data Fields’, ‘Layers’, ‘Zoom’ and ‘Pages’.
Data Fields: Used to create and maintain variable fields.
Layers: This will show all layers which have been created in the InDesign document, layers can be turned off and on at will.
Zoom: By using this button you can zoom in or out.
Pages: For selecting and browsing through several pages.
Brand Portal Brandifyer InDesign template

It is now possible to enter data fields so Brandifyer knows what it can and cannot edit. Fold down ‘Data Fields’ and click on ‘Add’ on the right-hand menu to add a data field. The name of the data field is also the name shown in Brandifyer later on. To create a data field you have 2 options:
1.    Drag and drop each created data field onto the correct place of the template.
2.    Hold down your mouse and select the text you wish to include in a data field. Drag a data field over to the selected text.
Once you have added text to a data field, a small paperclip like icon will appear. That is a reminder that a field has been activated. You can select anything you want, it doesn’t matter if it’s text, images or something else. At a later stage, Brandifyer will have the option to specify what that data field should look like.
Brand Portal Brandifyer InDesign template

By selecting a text you can edit it. A new menu will appear on the right. Most items can be adjusted this way. If you are unhappy about the way your text is presented, you can edit this by using the ‘Edit Text’ module. By hovering over a tile you will see some information about the usage of this tile.
Brand Portal Brandifyer InDesign template

Everything inside of the red box has to do with your letters. The size, font, placement etc. Text colour can also be adjusted in this area.
•    The purple box has to do with Paragraph or Character styles. These styles have already been created in InDesign and can’t be created in this Template Builder. However, you are able to choose between the different styles available within your template.
•    Inside the green box, you have the possibility to add a new text frame. Clicking on this button will generate a new text frame inside the template, which you can resize and move. By clicking on ‘remove’ you can remove the selected frame. By clicking on ‘Story Editor’ you can edit the words which have been written down.
•    In the blue box, you can edit how a frame is positioned. The left button means ‘No resizing’, the middle one is ‘Shrink overflowing text to frame’ and the final one is ‘Fit frame to text’. ‘Shrink overflowing text to frame’ will make sure the text will adapt itself to the frame-size so it’s as big as possible. ‘Fit frame to text’ will do the opposite, the frame will be refitted according to the amount of text.
Brand Portal Brandifyer InDesign template

Images have a similar menu to choose from, just with different options.
The red box gives you these options:
•    No resizing, this will not resize the image or frame
•    Fit image to frame, this will fill up the frame with the image
•    Fit frame to image, this will adjust the frame to the image size
•    Fit image proportionally, this will put the picture as much in the frame whilst keeping the same proportions heightwise.
•    Fill frame proportionally, this will put the picture as much in the frame whilst keeping the same proportions lengthwise.

In the purple box you can select these options:
•    Don’t centre image, this will refrain the image from centring within the frame
•    Centre image, this will centre the image within the frame
Brand Portal Brandifyer InDesign template

When you have added all the data fields, and you are happy with the placement of the objects and all information is correct, press ‘Template’ on the top left and select ‘Save & export’ from the drop down menu. The template has now been saved and you can exit the Template Builder if you don’t wish to edit or add any more templates.


This article also has a Youtube video to show how this action can be done.

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