How can I limit the amount of characters in a field?

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When using a mask it’s possible to make sure your users type in the correct data. For example by using a mask you can make sure a postal code is typed in correctly or a phone number has a fixed amount of characters. To create one click on ‘Maintenance’ and afterwards on ‘List maintenance’ in the left hand menu. You will see 4 options, select ‘Mask maintenance’.
Brand Portal Brandifyer mask

The ‘label’ stands for the name of the label. Underneath ‘Mask’ type in how the mask should look like. For numbers use an ‘N’, for letters use an ‘S’. In the first example below I have a phone number, which consists entirely of numbers. In those cases I will only use ‘N’. In the second example I need both letters and numbers so NNNN for the ‘2595’ part and SS for the ‘AR’ part. Both example texts have to be typed in by the user itself, Brandifyer does not generate this by default. Once you have typed in all relevant data click on the ‘+’ icon to add this list to Brandifyer.Brand Portal Brandifyer mask

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