How can I edit what users can and cannot do with a Brandifyer template?

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When you have created a Brandifyer template it’s possible to specific what a user can and cannot see or edit. These options are available for your templates.
Brand Portal Brandifyer

Title: The title which will be shown to users. By clicking on the language-flag it is possible to translate the title for users which use that language.
Description: A description which will be shown to users. For example it’s possible to create an explanation on how to use the template. By clicking on the language flag it’s possible to translate the text.
Publication Type: It’s possible to select the template type in here.

  • Brandifyer template: Brandifyer templates will have to be created by the Sabern team. These templates can be edited by the Brandifyer editor.
  • InDesign template: Create dynamic templates which use InDesign templates as a foundation.
  • Static Document (PDF): This gives you the opportunity to create static publications (such as a .PDF file). These files can for example be downloaded and ordered by your users.
  • Grid publication: With a grid publication it’s for example possible to create weekly magazines/publications. How exactly this is done depends on the customer and can be customized by the Sabern team. Please contact us if you have more questions regarding this subject.
  • InDesign book: An InDesign book is a file which consists of several templates placed after one another.

Template: By using the dropdown menu you can select an InDesign template which has been made available in the Template Builder. If a template has grey hatched parts it means that template has not been exported in the Template Builder yet. Once a template has been selected you have 3 options:

  • Editing (Pencil icon): Using this option it’s possible to specify what the datafields should show their data.
  • Mapping (A-icon): By selecting this option it’s possible to select the Character and Paragraph styles.
  • Template Builder (Wrench icon): By clicking this button you will be taken to the template in the Template Builder.

Below the dropdown menu of ‘Template’ you can select a number of options for this publication.

Hide publication for users: When this option has been selected the template will be invisible for users.
Allow Excel upload: This gives users the opportunity to upload Excel documents or do a Product Album selection.
Image editor: This gives users access to the Image editor when generating this template. By selecting ‘Allow additional images’ a user has the ability to place extra images within the publication.
Online Editor: This gives users access to the Online Editor when a publication has been generated with this template.
User may change font settings: When selected users have the possibility to scale the fonts of a publication.

Downloadable JPEG preview: If there is a JPEG preview of the publication it’s possible to download this JPEG file by selecting this option.
Create SWF: By selecting this option a user has the possibility to create a Flash flipbook
Create lowres PDF: When selected a user has the possibility to generate a PDF file in a lower resolution.
Create hires PDF: If selected a user has the possibility to generate publication in a high resolution.
Create Interactive PDF: When selected a user can create an interactive PDF file

Image album: Select an album from this list when you want that your users can only choose images from a specific album.
LR joboption & HR joboption: Select the InDesign joboptions for the Low Resolution (LR) and High Resolution (HR). When no job options are selected Brandifyer will look if other joboptions have been selected for each page or customer.
Preflight file: When generating PDF files it’s possible to preflight (resolution check etc.) using the InDesign Server. Please contact us for the options.
Workflow: Select if a workflow is needed or not. When a workflow is selected a publication will have to be approved before it can be processed.

If you have opened the Order Module for your users it’s possible to enter order data for this template.

Minimum order amount: The minimum amount that has to be ordered of this publication.
Order unit: The amount of products in the unit.
Price per single item: The price of a single item
Weight per single item: The weight of a single item
Discount scheme: In the dropdown menu it’s possible to select a discount scheme as created in the ‘List Maintenance’ section of ‘Maintenance’.

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