How can I edit publication datafields?

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To edit datafields click on ‘Maintenance’, click on ‘Pages and Publications’ and select the template you wish to edit. Next to template click on the Pencil icon.
Brand Portal Brandifyer datafields
From the dropdown menu select the option you need for your template. Below is an explanation what each option does.

Text: Only text can be entered. All text will be put into the default paragraph styles of this field.
Image: In an ‘Image’ field images can be selected from the Asset Gallery. Choices can be made from
All available assets. The user can select from all available images
Only from an album. The user can only select images from a specific album
Only from a collection. The user can select images from a collection.
Only with a tag. The user can select a tag of a photo and each picture with that tag will be available.

Userdata: In userdata a link will be made to a field from the database for the user that is logged in. For example an e-mail address will be automatically entered.
Statictext: A statictext is a read-only. Users will be able to see the text but only admins can change that text.
Richtext: In such a field it’s possible to enter text with paragraph and character styles that correspond to the InDesign template. Uploading of a Microsoft Word is possible for a Richtext field.
Choice: Dropdown menus can be created so users can choice from a list which has been created before.
Barcode: Entering a barcode is possible, in different widths.
Prefixpostfix: In this datafield it’s possible to enter a fixed amount of characters. For example a postal code or phone number.
Color: This choice gives the option to edit a colorfield of the publication. The ‘swatches’ which are available in an .IDML file are automatically the choices of a user.
Textinset: In this field texts can be selected and uploaded from the Asset Gallery.
Multi_Asset: In this field it’s possible to select (multiple) images and texts. Those files will be placed together in a single field.
XML: In this field you can enter an XML code
QRcode: It’s possible to create a QR-code in your publication by selecting this field.
Dataset: When using this option you can enter a Grid publication

By default these fields can also be seen

Default text: In this field you can enter plaintext or HTML text. It’s also possible to enter an image number from an image in the Asset Gallery.
Min size/Max size: Here you can decide how many characters can be entered. If a field is mandatory enter a ‘1’ after ‘Min size’ and leave ‘Max size’ blank.
Info: The text you write here will be visible for users as extra help or even as a guideline. This text can also be chosen as an alternative for the default text when a mask has been chosen.
Mask: A mask can be used when a user can enter a fixed amount of characters such as a postal code or phone number.

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