How can I create a choice list?

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Click on ‘Maintenance’ and afterwards on ‘List maintenance’ on the left hand side. From the 4 possible choices we will choose ‘Choice maintenance’.Brand Portal Brandifyer choice list

To create a new choice list type in the name you wish to give tot his list on the left, in this case that would be ‘Transportation’. Type in the Label and Value you wish to give to this choice. Select the correct customer from the dropdown menu on the right. Once all your data is correct click on the ‘+’ to add this choicelist.
Brand Portal Brandifyer choice list

To enter a second (or third, fouth etc) choice select the name of the list you wish to extend. In this case that choice would be ‘Transportation’. Leave #1 blank and type in information at both #2’s. Once again press the ‘+’ to add this list to the available choices.Brand Portal Brandifyer choice list

This article also has a Youtube video to show how this action can be done.

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