How can I create a bulk discount?

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In this section it’s possible to enter discounts for users when they place an order. To create a bulk discount click on ‘Maintenance’ and afterwards on ‘List maintenance’ in the left hand menu. You will see some options, select ‘edit discount scheme’.Brand Portal Brandifyer list


This discount has received the name ‘Discount’. From 10 up to 20 ordered pieces there will be a discount of 5%. Below 10 pieces there will be no discount at the moment. Select ‘Percentage from the right hand menu’. The other option ‘Price’ will do something else.
To create a new discount list type in the name of the discount list in field 2, the amount of articles it should start at in field 3 and the amount of articles it should finish at in 4. The discount percentage needs to be typed in field 5, and finally field 6 should remain at ‘percentage’. If you wish to add discount to a list select the list from field 2, leave field 2 blank and repeat the process. Brand Portal Brandifyer list

To start using a discount scheme you will have to click on ‘Maintenance’ and afterwards on ‘Pages and Publication’s in the menu on the left hand side. Select the template you wish to edit and select the discount scheme you wish to use from the dropdown menu.Brand Portal Brandifyer list

This article also has a Youtube video to show how this action can be done.

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