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Brand Portal Brandifyer

The top row is the easiest way to navigate through Brandifyer. The function of those buttons will be explained below.


The ‘Identity’ module covers all corporate identity elements that apply to your organization such as logos, or Brand Identity Guidelines. By default, there are several categories which you are able to edit. For more detailed information please visit our Corporate Identity Module in this knowledge base.

Asset Gallery

The Asset Gallery covers images and texts that have been stored in a central location. This can be used by one or multiple persons within your organization for various publications. The ‘Asset Gallery’ section covers the operation of this component in Brandifyer more extensively.


With the Brandifyer PIM Module, you can maintain your product information at a central location and enrich with additional data like images, (commercial) texts and translations. The PIM is the source for your multi-channel communication. From the PIM you can publish data (selections) to your website/webshop or print marketing material.


The topic of templates offers access to various templates that have been made available to your organization. This is not for building templates, only existing ones. For a more detailed description please visit our Publishing on Demand module in this knowledge base.


When you have generated a publication, you can always find it in the ‘Archive’ of Brandifyer. Some of the things you can do in the Archive is edit, copy and order publications that have been generated. Via the ‘Publications’ tab, you can enter the Archive. By default, the archive only displays the publications that you generated yourself. However, if you are an archive administrator you can also see the publications of other users within the customer.


Here, you find your previous orders. It is possible to search in detail for orders.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart is where you can order dynamic publications (based on InDesign templates) or static publications (merchandise, or normal documents). You can add an article to the shopping cart in the Archive section or when your template has been generated.

My profile

On your profile page, you can edit various personal details, such as your password and preferred language. You can also select which widgets should appear on your dashboard. The e-mail address you enter here will be used by the system to send notifications for awaiting tasks or order information.


If your organization uses workflow to manage the status of publications, the task list gives an overview of all publications that have been generated and assigned, but that are not definitive yet.


Settings for your account can be found and adjusted under this tab.  If you are an admin this is the place to be to adjust all kinds of user rights, user access or even template usage. For more detailed information please visit our User Management module.

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