How can I deny a user access to a template folder?

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It is possible to deny a user access to a template folder in Brandifyer. It is not possible to block a user from a single template, only a folder. Not is it possible to block a single user, the whole Group will be denied access. To do so a couple of things need to be done:
1.    This user belongs to a group
2.    This group has more than 1 role, one of them specific to deny access to a part of Brandifyer, in this example the ‘Jobs’. If such a role is not available you have to create one first.

For this instance a role ‘No access’ has been created. Brand Portal Brandifyer deny access

Below are the rights and privileges an admin has, with this role you can access every part of Brandifyer. Brand Portal Brandifyer no access

In this image the role of ‘No access’ is shown. Notice that this user can’t view or edit anything in ‘Jobs’.Brand Portal Brandifyer deny access

Once you have created the different roles you enter ‘Maintenance’ and select ‘Pages and publications’. Choose what folder you wish to hide, it does not matter at what level you wish to deny access to a folder. Click on ‘User Access’ to fold the menu down. This will give the ability to override default roles. The #1 is the Group the user is in, #2 is the Role which needs to be used for that specific folder. Select the ‘+’ button to save the preferences. From now on the specified group can’t access the template folder anymore.Brand Portal Brandifyer deny access

This article also has a Youtube video to show how this action can be done.

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