How can I create a Metadata list?

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A Metadata list can be useful to filter publications, making them easier to find once they have been published. Creating such a list can be done by clicking on ‘Maintenance’ and select ‘List maintenance’ from the left hand menu. Select ‘Metadata maintenance’ for this instance. Brand Portal Brandifyer Metadata

The next option will be to provide the desired names. In ‘1’ this will be name shown in the menu. For new publications fill out the name, for existing publications choose a name from the dropdown list.  The Label ‘2’ will be the name shown in the Archive. The ‘customer’ is the account that will use this list (which is ‘3’).Brand Portal Brandifyer Metadata

At the moment this list will be empty. To get publication into this list you need to create a publication first. Once a publication has been generated there is a menu which is called ‘Status’, in there you can find ‘Metadata’. Select your desired list and click on ‘Save’. Brand Portal Brandifyer Metadata

To view all publication with this metadata visit the Archive section and select the name of the created list in the left hand menu. Brand Portal Brandifyer Metadata

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