How can I create a fixed pricelist?

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Certain companies have predetermined amounts to order. A business cards might be only ordered in the amounts of 50,100,250 and 500. In this case a special pricelist needs to be created to make sure that users can only order those amounts.
To do so click on ‘Maintenance’, on the left hand side select ‘List maintenance’. The screen below should appear and by selecting ‘Edit discount scheme’ a pricelist can be created.Brand Portal Brandifyer pricelist

If this is a new pricelist type in the name of this list in ‘2’. The amount of items should be entered in field ‘3’, field ‘4’ will remain empty. The price should be typed in at field ‘5’, and for the final step select ‘PRICE’ from the dropdown menu at the last field.Brand Portal Brandifyer pricelist

If this is an existing pricelist select the desired list from the dropdown menu at ‘1’, field ‘2’ can be ignored this time. The rest of the pricelist is the same as with a new pricelist. You can select as many price options as you want in this list.Brand Portal Brandifyer pricelist

When the list has been created it needs to be activated on certain templates. Users have to select these templates manually, by default a pricelist is not activated.
To do so enter ‘maintenance’, go to ‘Pages and publications’ and select your desired template. 2 fields need to receive data: ‘minimum order amount’ and ‘Discount scheme’.

‘Minimum order amount’ should receive the lowest number of available order of the pricelist (in this example 100) to avoid the problem of having customers who can order an item for free. In the field ‘discount scheme’ select your pricelist and press ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.Brand Portal Brandifyer pricelist

When ordering this template the pricelist is available in the shopping cart.Brand Portal Brandifyer pricelist

This article also has a Youtube video to show how this action can be done.

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