Centralizing marketing in Europe

Digital Asset Management and Product Information Management for European Headquarters

Your Gateway to Central Brand Management

Headquarters maintain the heart of the brand. They are the center where the brand identity is secured and managed. The biggest challenge lies in consistent branding and consistent communication globally.

Provide a central gateway to marketing – and product management: ensure a consistent brand voice through Digital Asset Management and Product Information Management.

Providing Multi-Access worldwide

How do you collaborate efficiently with local offices?

  • By providing multi-access to colleagues and partners to all brand guidelines and marketing content with our automatic branding solutions.
  • Grant or revoke access to specific content to ensure legit use of media files. Our solutions give you the control of what material gets approved before publication.
  • Centralizing your marketing management in one portal ensures all communication are always on brand, adds value to your digital assets and saves you time distributing content.

How Digital Asset Management Adds Value to Your Business

Prevents incorrect usage of brand assets such as logos, images, videos, presentations, etc;

Adds value to digital assets by reducing handling and managing time;

Strengthens brand communications, therefore brand consistency, brand value, and brand equity.

Manage, enrich and translate product information in one single source

Managing product information globally can be quite an undertaking. This includes communicating up to date product information to different channels and managing product and marketing translations.

  • Improve efficiency by centralizing management of all product data from one single source. All product information is automatically synchronized over all your marketing and sales channels;
  • Enrich product information with characteristics and specific product values. This ensures increased findability and decreases managing and handling time;
  • Avoid communication and contextual errors by outsourcing product translations at local offices, simply by granting access to related product information.

Customers using our DAM- and PIM solutions:

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Brandifyer is the successor to save time on Product management, prevent incorrect information, and serve their clients on demand.

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How we can help

Over the years, we have helped many companies from different markets communicating a consistent brand message, by using our marketing software. We provide marketers a centralized content hub containing the features to meet their marketing objectives.

How do you maintain a strong and recognizable brand image? We hand you the tools that ensure you communicate a consistent brand voice at all times through all channels.

Our experts are happy to demonstrate how you can be the center of your brand and show you our demo.

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