With Brandifyer, we save time on product management, prevent incorrect information, and serve our clients on demand.

Nicolas van Dyck

Remeha is a leading European manufacturer and distributor of innovative heating and hot water systems and services. With its headquarter in Belgium, Remeha serves the European market indirectly through their wholesalers and installers. As you might know, Belgium is a bilingual country. Therefore Remeha communicates its product information in as well in Dutch as in French. This requires managing a lot of product information on a daily basis and a watertight audit trail.

Remeha’s product range consists of thousands single product items which are strongly related to each other and are characterized by loads of technical information. The combination of their extensive product range and diversity of channels to communicate with their wholesalers and installers made the whole process very time consuming and error prone. There was need for a tool that could help managing data, product-related items and digital assets.

Remeha PIM
Remeha Brandifyer

The solution that Sabern offered to Remeha was implemented in four phases:

  1. Setup Product Information Management (PIM) in combination with Digital Asset Management (DAM), the central place to enrich the data and enables database publishing
  2. Automatic generation of price lists and catalogues
  3. Implementation Price & Product Configurator (Quotation tool)
  4. Integration of all solution components and addition of Publishing on Demand in an integrated Brand Portal (Brandifyer)

As a result, Remeha has one central place in Brandifyer to manage all data and multiple relations between single product items. One of the greatest benefits is that the DAM-module in Brandifyer is directly synchronised with all product information in PIM. All adjustments just need one single amendment in one single place to push it forward into the whole media channel.

Remeha PIM

Generating new catalogues is now fully automated in customized templates. Remeha’s CRM system now pulls all technical related data directly from Brandifyer’s PIM-solution. This means all data is always synchronised, which prevents inconsistency.

This way Remeha improved their communication through their website. Due to the PIM and DAM-solution, the website-content stays in sync. Consumers can find the information they need in the right language and download related brochures and images directly. As each visitor can be assigned different authorization roles, Remeha is able to diversify the content based on their role, whether they are distributors or consumers.

With Brandifyer, we save time on product management, prevent incorrect information, and serve our clients on demand.

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