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Sabern is a no-nonsense, incisive company with extensive knowledge of the InDesign server, scripting and the DTP-process. The cooperation with Sabern was great!


How Makro enhanced their DTP-process with Brandifyer of Sabern


From fresh produce to kitchen – and office supplies: Makro is thé cash and carry for entrepreneurs. Makro is part of METRO Cash and Carry, an internationally oriented trading and services group with more than 750 offices in 26 countries.

Makro’s clients receive a weekly update about discount deals in the form of a brochure. Creating and publishing this brochure on a weekly base requires an efficient marketing process.

In their previous process, the category management departments provided all required information (texts, streamers, logo’s, images etc.) to a data entry department, that manually entered this information in the system. This wasn’t just very time-consuming, but also error-prone.

Makro Case
Makro Case

Makro was looking for an efficient system containing the following:

  1. An automated process – the information of the category managers has to be processed automatically, without any manual interventions.
  2. A stable environment – according to the Makro project manager, it was evident in previous projects that any automated process with an online InDesign editor tended to be unstable. Apparently, there are only a few software providers who truly understand the InDesign automation area.

After an elaborate selection process with several software providers demonstrating their product, Sabern proved that only Brandifyer supports the automated process Makro was looking for. Therefore, Makro chose Brandifyer to be the successor of their previous system.

Makro Case

“Stability can only be measured in the production environment. We use Brandifyer since September 20th 2016, and no stability issues ever occurred,” states the project manager of Makro.

“Sabern is a no-nonsense, incisive company with extensive knowledge of the InDesign server, scripting and the DTP-process. Furthermore, Sabern has a competitive price policy. Last but not least, the cooperation with Sabern was great!”

Makro Case
  • All required product information is always fully synchronized and manual input is no longer necessary;
  • Custom made templates in Brandifyer’s InDesign server ensure consistency and a quick work process;
  • Images and discount offers are added and edited with just a few clicks;
  • Content is easily found thanks to the metadata descriptions;
  • Final checks happen in a structured manner in Brandifyer’s workflow module.

Overall, Brandifyer provides a stable environment, which saves Makro a lot of time creating and publishing marketing material. According to Makro, Brandifyer is an efficient tool for serving their clients.

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