The trams, busses and underground in Amsterdam follow the most optimal route. GVB uses Brandifyer for the management, publication and timely distribution of temporary transport measures to all stakeholders.

One of the most critical departments of GVB is TVM. TVM stands for Tijdelijke Verkeersmaatregelen (Temporary Traffic Measures). In 2014 the need emerged to replace TVM’s software solution. This software supports the information flow surrounding traffic-related decisions. Their wish was to replace the desktop application with an online portal.

GVB Case

After a careful selection process, GVB chose the online portal Brandifyer. This portal ensures that the employees of GVB always and everywhere have access to the online environment.

GVB Brandifyer

Every (authorized) employee is able to create their own publications. The layout has been determined in advance and is set. The Brandifyer Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution is utilised in combination with publishing on demand. The traffic measure in question can be directly exported to a PDF and published on the web, or distributed via an XML export. It is also possible to make it accessible in an app.

In sum, Brandifyer ensured that:

  • Employees are now able to work independent of place and time
  • The support of the application is no longer dependent to their own (ICT) organisation, but is fully in the hands of Sabern
  • A time saving of 25% has been realised because less steps are necessary and the search feature of Brandifyer is utilised
  • A scalable online portal has been implemented to which other processes can easily be added
GVB Brandifyer

The implementation of the online portal ensured that the employees are more flexible and that the chance of errors is further decreased.

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