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Air France – KLM and Sodexo use Brandifyer as brand portal to, for instance, automate the creation of the menu for the business class traveller. Thousands of unique menus in 17 different languages are automatically created on a daily basis with the help of Brandifyer.

The document centre of Air France – KLM is responsible for the support of various marketing and communication activities of the airline. In 2007 Air France – KLM entered into a collaboration with Sodexo with this purpose. The document centre contains, amongst other things, their own design studio for the support of marketing campaigns.

KLM Case
KLM Case

Together with their partner Sodexo, Air France – KLM aimed for a solution to manage and create various online and print publications in a smarter manner, with the purpose to make this process less time- and cost-intensive. An example of this is the daily drafting of business class menus for all destinations worldwide. This is a laborious and expensive process, since every flight has its own unique menu for every passenger. These menus constantly have a different content, need to be drawn up in 17 different languages and have daily deadlines.

To be able to manage all marketing assets, the decision has been made to implement Brandifyer.

Brandifyer maintains the corporate identity and ensures that videos, texts and images can easily be found. Furthermore, the publishing module creates different flight manuals, business cards, brochures etc. in a smart manner. This module also ensures that the process for formatting the menus is automated.

  • Air France – KLM is in control of their marketing assets by means of Brandifyer
  • DTP work activities are optimised and automated
  • Yearly more than 2.5 million unique menus are generated in 17 different languages
  • Lead-time of the process has been reduced from 2 months to 2 days
  • The costs of design and translation have decreased with 70%
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