Publish your data



Access to all your marketing and communication collateral in one central location available anywhere and anytime to authorised users.

Always up to date

Data in your documents can be easily changed or updated while maintaining the design. Your publications are always up to date and designed to meet your needs and style.

Endless possibilities

In addition to generating catalogs, it is also possible to generate price lists, labels, price, and shelf cards and folders. Combinator automatically creates pages and places the product automatically on these pages. This means that all data is fully synchronised.


CreĆ«er met gemakĀ marketingmateriaal als catalogi, brochures, prijslijsten en labels in jouw huisstijl.

Fool proof

Combinator eliminates the risk of input errors completely. The data from your database is automatically placed in the pre-formatted template. By eliminating manual intervention, you save time and prevent errors in your generated document.


Combiner works as a plug-in full from InDesign. The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly, setting up a new project is simple and does not require any specific knowledge of the user.


Combinator is a database publishing tool where automated documents can be generated in Adobe InDesign. Formatting publications automatically with content straight from a database saves much time, costs and a lot of annoyance for users. Combinator easily creates completely formatted (PDF) documents, such as catalogs, brochures, price lists, shelf tags, labels or product sheets from (product) data, in a design that is fully attuned to the wishes and the branding of the organisation.

It is easy to generate a publication yourself and it does not require the user to have any specific knowledge. Combinator automatically combines InDesign templates and a data file (Excel, XML or an export from a database such as a PIM or ERP system) into one InDesign file. Subsequently, this file can be immediately processed as (ready to print) PDF or be edited in InDesign. Combinator is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign and the software is easy to install.