Brandifyer Professional

This is the ideal platform for organisations that want to take the next step in the area of Marketing Resource Management. The possibilities are practically infinite. Dependence on third parties will be further limited by using the Brandifyer template created. This is suitable for organisations with at least 500 users.


Next to 1 superuser, you can give 3 other users access to the available corporate identity elements.


Brandifyer Professional offers you space for 50 templates. The first ten templates will be placed by the Brandifyer team for free.

Media Imagebank

In the media bank, you manage, among other things, all your product, background and campaign images. Of course, you can also use these in the publishing module.

Branded Log In Page

With a branded log-in page, you can let the look and feel of the log-in page match the rest of your corporate identity.

Brand book

All the corporate identity guidelines such as logos, fonts, color definitions are integrated into the Corporate Identity Corner. Save time sharing brand guidelines with partners by providing access to this online brand book.

Workflow Module

Brandifyer Professional has a workflow module with which generated content can first be checked and approved before it is published.

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