Brandifyer Premium

This is the ideal platform for mature organizations. The brand portal is completely in line with the corporate identity of the organization. Brandifyer Premium features everything you need for your marketing department: an online brand book, a workflow module and an integrated Adobe InDesign Server for the creation of marketing material.

Portal in Corporate Look & Feel

Work in a brand portal with the look & feel of your corporate identity. If desired, you can adjust the colors and logos yourself.

Corporate Identity Corner

All the corporate identity guidelines such as logos, fonts, color definitions are integrated into the Corporate Identity Corner. Save time sharing brand guidelines with partners by providing access to this online brand book.

Customized Workflow Module

Approve marketing content before they are copied or published.

Barcode & QR code generator

Do you have releases that include a barcode (ex. an EAN-13 on your labels) or a QR code (for example a business card with a contact QR code)? Brandifyer can automatically generate this for you.

Batch upload

Product information consists of various data, such as product descriptions, dimensions or retail prices. Completely automate all product information by uploading an Excel file containing the different features per product.

InDesign Server Extension

All your releases are generated in the highest quality. All image properties such as colors, styles and other text properties included in your InDesign template remain intact.

Sabern Brandifyer Brand Book

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Sabern Brandifyer Image Library

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