Brandifyer Light

This is the ideal platform for organisations that are starting with a brand portal for the first time. The creation of releases and standard materials such as brochures and business cards now becomes very simple.


In Brandifyer Light, you can log in with 1 user. For an additional amount, you can increase accessibility to multiple users if required. For more information, contact one of our consultants.


Upload up to 25 templates. The first three templates will be placed for free by the Brandifyer team.

Publishing on Demand

In Brandifyer Light, you have access to the Publishing on Demand module. With the very user-friendly WYSIWYG editor, you can simply generate publications using your corporate identity templates.

Storage & Service

By default, you get 250 GB of storage space. In general, 250 GB is more than sufficient space for a Brandifyer Light subscription. Furthermore, we ensure that Brandifyer is available 24/7 and there is always a consultant ready to answer any questions for you.

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