Brandifyer Enterprise

This is the ideal platform for organisations that want to take the next step in the area of Marketing Resource Management. The possibilities are practically infinite. Dependence on third parties will be further limited by using the Brandifyer template created. This is suitable for organisations with at least 500 users.

Workflow Manager

Set up your own workflow with Brandifyer’s Workflow Manager. Recognize different authorization levels of users or set up which departments have to approve a publication.

Template Creator

With the Template Creator, you hold the reins. Upload your InDesign templates and provide access to users.

E-commerce Module

Via the E-commerce module, you can directly order your copy or printing work from your printer or copy department.

Video Integration

With this module, it’s also possible to manage your videos in the media bank. It is also possible to place these videos within your (interactive/web) releases.

Single Sign On

You have multiple systems, but you don’t want to have to log in to each system separately. Brandifyer therefore offers multiple Single Sign On options. These are often custom, given that it must connect with your existing environment. We will gladly discuss the possibilities in this area with you.

InDesign Server Extension

With the InDesign Server link, all your releases will be generated in the highest possible quality. All properties in the area of colors, styles and other text properties that are included in your InDesign template will remain intact.

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