Brand Center

The Brand Center  is a central place for all material regarding your brand’s identity. It contains a digital style guide, a manual on how to “use” your brand. The Brand Center offers information regarding your brand identity, logo specifications, tagline usage, color palette, style types and visual examples of correct and incorrect logo  usage.

Brand Book

Offer your Brand Book in the Brand Center of Brandifyer. Present the brand’s identity and brand standards to all users. Set guidelines for your team and ensure they always work according to the corporate identity.

Brand Portal
Brand Portal Workflow

Visual guidelines

Make sure that all stakeholders are aware of the visual guidelines for your brand:

  • Logo: color, placement, variations, size and proportions, examples correct and incorrect logo usage;
  • Brandmark: when and where to use it;
  • Tagline: where it should be displayed;
  • Colors: primary and secondary colors;
  • Typography: description of all fonts;
  • Other graphics like icons.

Communication guidelines

Within the Brand Center there is also room for communication guidelines for your brand:

  • Language, style and tone of voice;
  • Grammar and formatting: abbreviations, capitalization, titles etc;
  • Email: email font, email signature;
  • Editorial style guide: guidelines, formatting and structure for blog posts;
  • Social Media: purpose, posting times, post types.
Brand Portal

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All our distributors are using Brandifyer and we see improvement in the use of our brand guidelines. Very valuable!

Marjolein Hessing
Marketing Manager, Segway

With Brandifyer, we save time on product management, prevent incorrect information, and serve our clients on demand.

Nicolas van Dyck, Remeha

Brandifyer is very user-friendly and we benefit greatly from it

Ingvild van den Bos
Marketing Department, Solar

Saxion logo white

With Brandifyer we can quickly and effectively work together in a user-friendly brand portal.

Martine Leverink
Marketing Department, Saxion

makro logo wit

Sabern is a no-nonsense, incisive company with extensive knowledge of the InDesign server, scripting and the DTP-process. The cooperation with Sabern was great!