These Are The 10 Most Beautiful Brand Books

(In our humble opinion)


Are you about to create a brand book for your business and are you looking for inspiration? There are plenty of businesses that have published their style guide online. We have selected a few of our favorite brand books:


Love to Ride

Brand Book Love to Ride

Love to Ride is an online bicycle community with a mission to encourage people to take the bike. Their brand book is colorful and does not contain much text.


Red Cross

American Red Cross Brand Poster

Red Cross keeps it short and sweet. This brand poster tells you everything you need to know about Red Cross’ identity in one single PDF.



Santa Brand Book

Although it is not an actual brand, *Santa*’s style guide is a clever example of keeping things playful. If it suits your brand and tone of voice, be sure to communicate in a light and fun way. This brand book is an initiative by Quietroom.


Coca Cola

Coca Cola Brandbook

Coca-Cola’s book displays beautifully which associations their consumers (should) have with their brand. You don’t have to say a lot to emit a strong brand.


I Love NY

I Love NY Brand Book

Urban but stylish: these is the brand guidelines of I Love NY.


Macaroni Grill

Macaroni Grill Brand Book

This attractive brand book of Macaroni Grill has a warm, Italian feel to it. Macaroni Grill uses the word crave as an acronym and chose keywords that fit the brand.


Scrimshaw Coffee

Scrimshaw Coffee Brand Book

A little retro but also very stylish: Scrimshaw Coffees brand guide.



Google Brand Book

Clean and clear: that’s how Google presents her brand. See their brand style guide.



Bacardi Brand Book

The Bacardi brand book is one of our personal favorites. It breathes the Cuban vibe and it feels kind of nostalgic. See their brand book via Here Design.



Mail Chimp voice & tone

Mailchimp has a special link uniquely describing the tone of voice of the company.


In short:

Determine your brand’s identity and produce your brand style guide;

Make your brand’s guidelines accessible to your partners and colleagues;

Allow your colleagues access to all imagery (photo’s, illustrations, video’s) that are property to the brand;

Always communicate on brand;

Provide templates for your posts on Social Media, (sales) presentations, etc;

Become recognizable and build an authentic brand.

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