Increase Customer Excellence in Finance with Digital Asset Management Software

A well-known challenge within the financial services industry is Customer Excellence: a merge of customer intimacy and operational excellence. Focusing on customers, but also ensure that the operational machine spins effective and efficient.

One of the results of EY’s 2016 Global Consumer Banking Survey is the need to radically simplify products and customer experiences and to innovate, like FinTechs. The FinTech era features changes in market conditions, new regulations and shifts in consumer demands and behaviors. Customers demand user friendly experiences, easy to understand products, transparency and 24/7 access to products and information.

Digital innovation, like digital asset management (DAM) software, helps marketers to answer these demands. It contributes to operational excellence and offers different features that establish connections between customers and the brand of a company. It is an efficient tool for adjusting, creating and publishing marketing and communication material from one central content hub.

Finance Operational Excellence

Customer intimacy: shorten time to market and increase relevance

To be able to respond quickly to what customers demand is essential to shorten your time to market. As EY states, most financial services companies do already have brand, scale, customer base and infrastructure on their side. They only need to increase relevance and make sure they offer relevant content to increase customer intimacy. Financial services companies have to move themselves away from the center of the message and use digital marketing technologies to personalize their message for the specific customer they want to reach.

Personal, clear and on brand communication and the ability to publish information instantly to different channels (online, print, video and social media) and to different groups of customers is a must to offer 24/7 access to up to date information.

Finance Customer Intimacy

Operational Excellence: combine DAM with product information management

Next to offering personalized content, brand identity stays one of the most powerful weapons in the marketing arsenal. DAM software helps to consolidate your brand guidelines in publishing. The possibilities of centralizing marketing collateral and workflow do not stop there: DAM software can bridge the gap between marketing- and product management by adding a product information management (PIM) Module. Connecting marketing collateral with product information completes the product sheet and cuts down on handling time. This increases brand value.

Combine current product information (financial products, prices interest rates, product disclosure statements and other conditions) with your digital assets by using corporate templates, all in one Marketing Content HUB. Use it to create marketing content that can be published through the channel you prefer and to the customer you want to reach. This offers huge advantages in efficiency: only one single source of truth to manage, enrich and translate your product information and digital assets.

Marketing developments in finance that increase the need for DAM software

– The rise of tech-savvy clients: increased mobile use and demand for quick response;
– Rapid digitalization allows customers to ‘shop around’ and compare, this may decrease customer loyalty;
– The growing demand for personalized content;
– Omnichannel environment: the increase in digital distribution points;
– Regaining trust of customers.


Use DAM software to make your employees’ lives easier, so they can spend more time to helping customers. 

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