Digital Asset Management for Museums – Implementing Brandifyer

One of the core businesses of museums is preservation. Preservation ensures that generations to come will be able to enjoy cultural heritage whenever and more importantly, whérever and hówever they want. Hence, the digitalization in the museum industry is increasing rapidly. Yet, saving all those assets into a digital format brings a set of challenges that need to be overcome before major improvements can be made.

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Which problems need to be solved?

There might be a certain set of issues for you and your team which led to making the step to a Digital Asset Management solution. Notable issues might be:

  • Unidentified data loss;
  • No copyright management or protection;
  • Expensive storage costs with no central infrastructure;
  • No collaborative work environment with workflow management capabilities.

Try to be as specific as possible before searching for a new solution. This will help the vendor recommend the best solution for your specific case.


Brandifyer, Sabern’s Digital Asset Management solution, ensures you have access to all digital media in one content hub. Digital assets are quickly found and shared with the image library. All content is in a secured and secluded online environment, which means you have full control over who has access to digital content and to which channels you publish your data.

Online Library


Improved searchability

Over the years, the way we search for information has evolved immensely. We don’t solely rely on hierarchical storage, forcing us to browse to our desired destination.

One of the greatest assets of Digital Asset Management software is its enhanced searchability. Brandifyer isn’t just any cloud-based storage system. Through categorization and tagging of information, it vastly improves the search- and findability of your files, documents, and assets.

What vs Where

Our tip: As with all new software, documentation is key to ensure future stability and continuation. Metadata, tags, and keywords are prone to change, especially if there are multiple co-workers working with the same data. We cannot stress enough how important it is to determine which terms you use at an early stage to prevent confusion and ensure searchability of digital assets.

Workflow management

Another feature to improve the efficiency of your marketing department through Brandifyer is by the workflow management module. Establishing a workflow and assigning user roles helps determine who has the last say before an asset is published or edited.

Our tip: Decide beforehand who has main authority over digital assets and who has restricted access. Divide them into groups so you can grant or deny access to certain content. Furthermore, determine who has final say about outgoing content.

Also be sure to check any legal implications of storing all your digital assets. There might be certain restrictions applicable to your specific collection when it concerns public records.

Our tip: Ask for a consultation with a legal expert to prevent any wrongdoing.



Sabern Brandifyer Image Library

Truly experience the best of cultural conservation and digitization. Digital Asset Management solution Brandifyer digitizes and therefore eternalizes historical and cultural collections for future generations to enjoy.

Ask for a consultation from one of our experts or get a free trial of Brandifyer.

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