How To Create A Better Marketing Workflow Management

Improve your productivity and that of your fellow marketers

You are waiting for someone’s approval of your publication. The phone rings, someone at a different department asks if you have seen her e-mail regarding an image she needs for an advert campaign. Sure, you have seen her email, but that hasn’t been that long ago, has it?

Implementing an efficient workflow system can be quite challenging and sometimes even frustrating. Every colleague has different priorities. Plus if you have a lot of ad hoc work activities, long-term projects tend to be forgotten. So what is the best way to improve everyone’s productivity and keep everyone’s workflow going?

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Is email outdated?

We keep shooting e-mails at each other with questions, or for approvals, sometimes just to inform one another. For those that get quite a few at a day, it is hard to thoroughly go through their entire inbox every day. We prioritize what has to be done straight away and mark the ones we will have to get back at. Pragmatic types have no problem in organizing this, but some marketers probably do, because creative minds tend to be cluttered minds.


So why is email still one of the first things we go to for sharing media and asking for approvals?

In this day and age, all data is online integrated. Therefore, we need the right tools to communicate and to share content with each other. There is a lot of project management software, but most are solely based on that and don’t add the extra spark for marketing. So what would be a good workflow system tool for marketers?

Ideally, it would combine everything a marketer needs to work with. Such as images, documents, video’s, product information and other digital assets. One central place where everyone can share, upload and download needed media or information.

Improve your workflow in a brand portal


Many companies nowadays work with brand portals. Good brand portals contain a brand center, a media bank, and an editing tool. This is a very efficient way of creating an organized workflow. For instance, you can assign roles and management rights to each user. Projects are easily manageable in this fashion. Publications won’t leave the building unless they are approved by someone with certain management rights.

So, how is a brand portal more beneficial to marketing? Every user has access to the media bank and editing tool. Meaning, you won’t have to wait for someone else to send you the right image. Additionally, marketing publications are easily created and according to your brand identity with pre-set templates in an online editing tool.

In short, the right software can improve your productivity and that of your fellow marketers. In Brandifyer, you are able to create an efficient workflow in your marketing department.

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