Can’t Read, Won’t Buy?

How to organize your product information translations

Can you tell if it will affect your purchasing decision if product information is not in your native language? English has been the dominant language since the creation of the web. Many of us feel comfortable using and reading online data in English. However, according to a survey conducted by research firm Common Sense Advisory, 60% rarely or never buy from English-only websites. Furthermore, 75% said they are more likely to make a purchase if the product information is in their own language.

Translation Management

So, implementing local translations might be an interesting investment. But managing and organizing your translations can be a time-consuming and dreary activity, not to mention very error-prone. Especially for decentralized companies. There are many (free) translation machines or apps, of which many companies still make use of. While it may work for some, a vast majority of these machines are not reliable enough for professional content. Plus, each language has their own cultural context. The meaning might get lost or maybe even offensive when it is translated literally. And would you really let your sales depend on an automated program?

Chinese Translation

Product Information Management

Many businesses with a large assortment of (dynamic) products/product parts make use of a Product Information platform. Product Information Management software is one central place for product – and marketing managers to organize their product data. Within a PIM, every user, whether that is a company co-worker or a third party, is able to access and/or enrich the company’s product information. Therefore it is also possible to manage translations in an efficient manner.

Sabern Brandifyer Product Information Management

While it is not recommended to let automated programs do the translations for you, it is highly effective to automate the translation management. Necessary translations can be distributed to local teams to translate to their native language. This prevents errors and misunderstood context.

Last but not least, organizing product information translation management will give you a chance to get ahead of your competitors and increase your company’s turnover.



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