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Maybe you have heard it already, but we are very excited to announce it again: we recently launched a free marketing tool that measures and scores website quality! It’s called BIC, short for Brand Identity Checker. How does it work? BIC scans all web pages, looking for consistency in two important brand elements: color and font.

We ran 100 websites through the Brand Identity Checker, curious to find out how the greatest brands score in terms of consistency. This is our personal top 5 and why:


Craftsy is a place where creative minds can enjoy the art of making, whether that is the simplest scarf or the fanciest wedding cake. This website shows that just like consistency, homey activities should never be conceived as dull. Consistency contributes in creating a strong brand image. Craftsy shows just how with her website, with warm recurring colors and consistent usage of fonts. A well-deserved score of 100 percent.


Blogspot: the online platform for bloggers. Scored a perfect 100. What we love about the website is how it displays different blog themes with matching colors, without going off brand or creating chaos. The orange is recurrent and compliments the other colors. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward one-pager, a perfect example of less being more.


Something for the software developers to enjoy: Github. Github is the place to be if you are ever in need of a platform that enhances your workflow. What we love about their website is how they communicate a lot of information in an informative website that is very pleasing to the eye. They use a lot of black-white-gray tones, are consistent in the way they communicate and rock this cool look. No wonder BIC also scored them 100%.

Albert Heijn

Featuring a website from the Netherlands, Sabern’s home base: Albert Heijn is the largest Dutch supermarket chain. Their witty and straight forward features (gewoon bij Albert Heijn) is expressed through all communications and definitely deserved them a spot in our top 5. Brand elements that compliment this brand image, such as their font and colors, are consistent throughout and earned them a perfect score of 100 points.


Bitly, our go-to when we need to shorten our twitter links. But that’s not the only service they provide: Bitly also analyzes your link performance and helps you optimize your marketing efforts. Their website has a very calm appearance without ever looking dull. With only a few recurring colors they manage to emit a vibrant and inspiring brand. Plus, it has scored them 100 points in de Brand Identity Checker!

What can we learn from these brands?

Make sure you all your online communication is consistent, constantly alert for a consistent color and font usage;

Communicate to your team the importance of your brand;

And last but not least:  Don’t read consistency as boring. Consistency actually paves the way to creativity with impact.


Want to find out how your brand scores in terms of consistency?

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