Brand Identity Checker BIC – Gaining Market Share through Consistency in Branding

Make every detail perfect, and limit the number of details to perfect!”

Jack Dorsey – Co-Founder of Twitter

A crucial, yet often underrepresented facilitator of market share is branding: the largely subconscious connotations that a consumer or customer has with a company and therefore also with its products. Branding creates not only awareness but if done right can ensure active brand recognition, which triggers purchase decisions directed towards the brand. Additionally, and even more importantly, the image that a customer retains in his mind can create brand loyalty: a significant asset for times of economic flourishing as well as in times of hardship when external costs force price hikes. Higher brand loyalty renders customers more tolerant to price fluctuations.

Consistency is key

Whilst entailing vast potential, the immense power of branding can only be unfolded through the maintenance of a clear message and one consistent brand identity throughout publications and communication platforms. The key to generating marketing is consistency!

Maintaining consistency poses a major challenge to a multitude of companies as several employees are creating publication material whilst sometimes even being based in distant locations. Sabern offers software solutions, which help in establishing a consistent brand identity throughout all publications, external and internal communications as well as centrally managing all your digital assets to ensure branding consistency! The first step in this process is BIC, our unique brand identity checker.

Brand Identity Checker

BIC scans your website, including all sub-domains, for consistency in the utilization of your brand’s colors and fonts. Firstly, the report gives you an overview of which colors and fonts are the most frequently used.

Secondly, the application provides you with the share of your websites that are consistent with regards to your brand image. A score of more than 75 indicates good brand consistency on your website, whereas a score below 75 requires urgent action to streamline your brand image.

Sabern offers you to check your website for brand consistency free of charge! Depending on your test results we will be happy to help you improve your brand identity through a software solution, tailor-made to your needs! This is most likely the least expensive way to enlarge market share!

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