Bicycles and Cheese Slicers – Katerina’s Journey to Holland

After finishing her master’s degree in Economics, Katerina decided to take a leap and leave her home in Greece for a year to do an internship abroad. Her journey (facilitated by student organization AIESEC) brought her to Holland, to marketing software development company Sabern.

“And this is how my journey began.

My adventure started at the end of February when I boarded the plane in Thessaloniki. I couldn’t believe that in a few hours I would be living in a whole different country! I was excited and curious about my new life. I had never been in the Netherlands before and I couldn’t wait to discover this country.

I  love meeting people and exploring new cultures, so this was the perfect opportunity for me

At this point, I think it’s time to introduce myself. My name is Katerina, I am from Greece and I am an intern in Business Development at Sabern. I found this position through AIESEC, a global student organization that connects young talent with professional companies. I was familiar with the organization from the University back in Greece and I aspired to do an internship abroad sometime. I  love meeting people and exploring new cultures, so this was the perfect opportunity for me.

Once I was settled in the Hague, one of the first things I purchased was a bike. Everyone here has at least one bike, so I couldn’t miss out! Even the police and take away delivery do their work on bikes! Other ways the Dutch amazed me:

A bike fits easily more than one person;

They use a special cheese slicer to cut their cheese instead of a regular knife;

Ducks and birds everywhere!;

The Dutch weather is very diverse and unpredictable: one minute it’s sunny, the next it’s raining;

But whether it’s hot or cold, the Dutch enjoy their ice cream no matter the weather conditions.

Overall, I like the Dutch and I love living in the Hague. It is a beautiful city, especially now the weather is becoming more pleasant. Working at Sabern is great, it is an amazing company full of young and ambitious people, and I feel very welcome. Employees are encouraged to take initiatives and team spirit is very important. Therefore, the company organizes trips, participates in events like marathons and  Friday afternoons are for drinks with the boss!

But all fun and games aside, I learned a lot the past three months. Besides my own research, I support the marketing team with daily activities. Through the work experience, I learned a lot more about marketing and finance. Plus I mastered one skill I never believed I ever would: I learned to play pool!

I am glad I came in the Netherlands and had the chance to work at Sabern and meet all these people. It’s been 3 months since I boarded the plane to Amsterdam and I haven’t realized how fast the time went by.

Take a chance and never stop looking for new challenges


I strongly encourage young people not to be afraid to take a chance and to never stop looking for new challenges, even if it seems difficult or impossible.”


Fresh ideas and development are key components of Sabern. That’s the reason why Sabern encourages young people from all over the world to explore their potential by joining the company. Through AIESEC, a global student organization that enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential, Sabern gives young professionals like Katerina the opportunity to develop their talent and gain work experience.

Just like AIESEC, Sabern aspires to help people to fulfill their potential. Developers and programmers with ambition are always welcome at Sabern. Find out if you would be a good fit for our team. Would you like to see if there are other professional internships abroad to jumpstart your career? See what opportunities AIESEC has for you.

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