5 Signs You Should Invest In Your Brand Identity

Is your brand identity secured and fully integrated throughout the entire business?

Before we start off, a little marketing 101: your brand identity is the way you want your consumers to perceive your company. Your brand image is how people actually see your brand. Inconsistency, errors and false information can damage your brand’s identity. If one of the following signs sound a little too familiar, it might be time to see what investments you can do to protect your brand:

  1. Wrong publications: marketing material that doesn’t correspond with your brand guidelines

    An enlarged logo where it’s not supposed to be, wrong font, colors that clash and that are not the right brand identity colors… For some companies that haven’t secured their company guidelines yet, this can be a well-known problem and can result in sign number two:

  2. Sharing the wrong information and consequential, the wrong message


    Even a little miscommunication can harm your brand’s reputation. Inconsistency can cause a wrong perception of your brand. What could be worse, publications with actual errors or false information result into a damaged brand image.

  3. Misuse of images

    You’re being chased by a deadline and you don’t receive the right content in time, you think you found the image that will suffice but whoops… Outdated picture or even worse, low quality… When finding out in time, no harm, no foul. But after printed 1000nds of flyers, you have some explaining to do. Think about how much time, errors and stress it saves if all the right images were stored in one central place…

  4. Sharing content is time-consuming


    A common and time-consuming attribute of decentralized companies: multiple colleagues and/or partners that work with the same product data. These are often shared, stored and managed by numerous colleagues, who are giving these their own names and own places that won’t make sense to everyone. This results in duplicating content, making the whole process very time-consuming and error-prone, which leads us to the final sign:

  5. Sharing the wrong content

    Partners and third parties often use the same content. Sharing and managing this takes a lot of time. This could be a risk if your brand identity is not secured enough. If these chains start to create and share their own content they are not authorized to, it could be a danger to your brand identity.


Digitalize your content in one brand portal


If the previous signs rose any red flags, it may be wise to start looking at how you can invest in protecting your brand identity. For most companies, the answer lies in a central database such as brand portals. With a brand portal, you secure your brand identity by storing all brand assets in one place. You and your co-workers can access, download and share the right content with your partners. With an integrated web-based InDesign Server, anyone with an assigned administrator role can create and publish marketing collateral with preset templates. Secure your brand identity, save time and spend it where it matters.

These are a few of the advantages of a brand portal:

  • The corporate rules are always within reach;
  • All files are always up to date;
  • It is not necessary to be on site thanks to an online access;
  • You save time on finding the right content or the duplicating content;
  • Full control by giving users access to certain folders;
  • By giving access to external users such as partners they can easily obtain the images they need;
  • You don’t have to involve a third party for simple publications, you can create this yourself;
  • Forget e-mailing for approvals: in a brand portal, you can create an efficient workflow management.

See what investments you can do to protect your brand identity.

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