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How do I add a customer?

In Brandifyer you have a button in the top right menu which is called ‘Maintenance’ (highlighted with a red box),...
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How do I add a user?

Each customer can have several different users. Users can have different roles and according to those roles they are enabled...
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How do I delete a user?

Deleting a user is possible by selecting ‘Maintenance’ and selecting the user that will be deleted. Click the ‘Delete’ button...
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Can I have an inactive user?

Making a user inactive is useful to preserve the data or assets of said user. Doing so is possible by...
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How do I change user rights?

If you wish to change the right of a user it can be done by clicking on ‘Maintenance’. Afterwards make...
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How do I add a group?

Adding a group of users can be done by clicking on ‘Maintenance’ on the top right, click on ‘Groups’ to...
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How do I add a user to a group?

Adding a user to a group can be done by clicking on ‘Maintenance’ and folding down the ‘Groups’ category. By...
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How do I add a role?

Adding a role is possible by clicking on ‘Maintenance’. The menu of ‘Customer and user maintenance’ will show itself. Click...
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