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Brand Portal

A brand portal is a secured online platform for businesses. It’s where companies save, manage and distribute their digital assets....
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Publishing on Demand

Publishing on Demand is a method for companies to create, publish and print marketing collateral through a form of software...
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Brand Identity

The brand identity of a company is how they want to position themselves. Not to be confused with the brand...
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Product Information Management

Product Information Management, often referred as PIM, is a form of management to organize and enrich product data. Companies implement...
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A workflow is implemented to create a structured manner of co-operating with multiple persons, ultimately making the collaboration more efficient....
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Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management is the organization of business digital assets. Centralizing this management is a way to efficiently save, manage...
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Media bank

The media bank is organized in a central place and consists of albums containing a company’s collection of illustrations and...
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(Digital) Assets embody all content of a company, making them important properties. Assets can be any type of file in...
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Asset Variants

Asset variants are different ‘versions’ or ‘editions’ of an original asset. These can be logos in different editions or resolutions, or documents...
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Digital assets are saved in albums in order to keep the media bank structured and organized. Albums can be named...
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Metadata is often used to find content quickly and efficiently. Data exists of different components and metadata describes these characteristics....
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Collections are created when you group assets on the basis of the same characteristics in order to share or download...
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