Brandifyer Feature Updates

Brandifyer Feature Updates

The developers of Sabern continually add new features to Brandifyer.
Have a look at the latest updates.


01-01  Several new updates:

– Template Builder and Template Image Editor
– Online Editor (HTML)


Update Template Builder


01-02 PIM filtering and advanced search
01-07 Several single sign-on connectors
01-08 Brandifyer welcomes 50th enterprise customer
01-10 Mature release Advanced User Management (> 1000 different roles)


01-04 Update Publishing On Demand module
01-08 Launch Brandifyer Product
Information Management
01-10 Several DAM updates:

– CDN integration
– Color recognition
– Advanced collaboration & Sharing
– Mass Tagging
– Restriction Management

01-11 Automated publishing from PIM
(to template / to web)
01-12 Launch online Knowledge Base

Integration E-Commerce

Digital Asset Management


01-02 Launch Brandifyer Marketing Content Hub
01-03 Launch Brandifyer Styleguide
01-07 Integration E-Commerce
01-10 Introduction API connectors
01-11 Introduction advanced workflow module
Digital Asset Management