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Centralizing marketing in Europe

Headquarters maintain the heart of the brand. They are the center where the brand identity is secured and managed. The biggest challenge lies in consistent branding and consistent communication globally.

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Digital Archiving for museums with Digital Asset Management

Digitalization is wrapping its arms rapidly around many industries. Cultural organizations see this change coming, trying to expand their brand online to reach new audiences, locally and abroad. Museums and other cultural institutions will have to embrace this change and all opportunities and challenges that accompany it.

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Why You Need a Brand Style Guide ASAP!

What do all great brands have in common? They are instantly recognized. According to Pardot, the authenticity of content is the most influential factor in following a brand. Furthermore, authentic content is 2x more impactful than a brand’s market position. How do you build and sustain this authenticity?

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10 Frequently Used Terms in Digital Asset Management

When implemented correctly, Digital Asset Management strengthens and empowers your brand. It quickens the marketing process, ensures consistency in all marketing material and decreases the chance of incorrect information. We’ll explain what Digital Asset Management entails and what the frequently used terms in DAM-software are.

How To Create A Better Marketing Workflow Management

Implementing an efficient workflow system can be quite challenging and sometimes even frustrating. Different colleagues have different priorities. Plus if you have a lot of ad hoc work activities, long-term projects tend to be forgotten. So what is the best way to improve everyone’s productivity and keep everyone’s workflow going?

5 Advantages of Having an Adobe InDesign Server

Adobe InDesign: it’s a graphic designer’s haven for creating and editing digital publications such as brochures, magazines or folders. But designers tend to be scarce and so is their time. Luckily, recent technology allows us the possibility to create relatively easy designs ourselves. Therefore, we can leave the important projects to the super creative minds, cause it is no longer necessary to turn to the designer for every little task.

How Digital Asset Management Helps Marketers Work More Efficiently

Over the years Digital Asset Management, or DAM, is continuing to play a bigger role in the careers of marketers. And for a good reason. With DAM, marketers don’t have to be the ‘brand identity guardian’ all the time and therefore have more time to do what they do best: creating content.

Brandifyer Features of 2016

2016 has been a busy year for the developers of Sabern. We continued to strengthen our product Brandifyer with features that save time on content management.

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