Sabern is the online product developer in the field of (automatic) formatting and publication of content to web, mobile, social & print. We have developed solutions that make the lives of marketers easier for 25 years now. With our SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, we help organisations to communicate averagely 35% more effectively with their target group.

We have a multidisciplinary team of software developers that works on Sabern’s software products on a daily basis, develops the newest apps and makes specific wishes of customers come true. The Sabern Academy ensures that our knowledge is secured and shared with our relations and employees.

Your solution for Product Information Management and Digital Asset Management

Our core competence is the automation of format and design.

We also deliver the tools that secure, load and strengthen your brand. Various software solutions and consultancy services in the field of Marketing Resource Management (MRM) are part of our portfolio. MRM ensures the improvement of efficiency and revenues of operational marketing and communication activities.


Brandifyer and Combinator are our SaaS (Software as a Service) products. By offering these solutions as a subscription, our customers are able to use the most innovative technology without a single large investment.


Building blocks

Brandifyer & Combinator are products of Sabern. The Brandifyer software consists of different modules, which can also be implemented independently.  For example Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM). The portfolio is complemented with various Adobe products, such as FrameMaker and Indesign (Server).



For every issue we can develop a custom solution. Various custom expansions of our Brandifyer and Combinator software are developed on a daily basis. Our developers work on client-specific apps in the App Lab.



The Sabern Academy provides trainings for our customers and own employees. These trainings are offered both in-house with our customers as well as at Sabern. Furthermore, we are a certified training partner of Adobe.



We are convinced that we really make a valuable contribution when we do more than merely supply a standard product. In our experience, for most organisations 80% of the challenges can be covered with standard software. It is exactly by offering consultancy services, trainings and custom software that we ensure that we can serve our customers for 100%.


Our product Brandifyer is the most user friendly brand portal in the market. It is the place where marketing and communication employees and brand managers can manage their assets (text, images, videos) and create new content. All users can be given access to the relevant data and they can create content themselves whilst maintaining the house-style and the ‘brand identity’.



Our product Combinator is a database publishing tool with which automated documents can be generated in Adobe InDesign. Formatting publications automatically with content straight from a database, saves much time, costs and a lot of annoyance for users. Combinator easily creates completely formatted (PDF) documents, such as catalogues, brochures, price lists, shelf tags, labels or product sheets from (product) data, in a design that is fully attuned to the wishes and the corporate identity of the organisation. It is easy to generate a publication and it does not require the user to have any specific knowledge.



Sabern has had a close partnership with Adobe in different areas for years. Alongside being a technology and implementation partner, Sabern is also a certified trainer and reseller of Adobe licences. For more information see products.

Our Partners


Sabern offers a full suite marketing platform with Brandifyer. For the completion of our product- and software portfolio, we use extensive expertise of different partners. We are proud that we can connect our portfolio to the portfolio of our valued partners.

We are good at developing marketing/communications and marketing automation software . By selecting partners that are complementary, we can even offer a more complete package of services and thus respond even better to the wishes and demands of our clients to serve them. Sabern works with partners in the following categories:


Technology    –    Partners / Resellers    –    Implementation    –    Design    –    Conceptual    –    Print / Graphic Arts    –    

Media    –    Brand Strategy    –    Brand Performance    –    Translation Services

All our distributors are using Brandifyer and we see improvement in the use of our brand guidelines. Very valuable!

Marjolein Hessing
Marketing Manager, Segway

Brandifyer is the successor to save time on Product management, prevent incorrect information, and serve their clients on demand.

Nicolas van Dyck

Brandifyer is very user-friendly and we benefit greatly from it

Ingvild van den Bos
marketing employee